Sunday, August 5, 2012

We sense something odd

Describe your 5 senses. Which are your favorites and least favorites?

This month’s Blog Carnival** topic is the five senses. You know, sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. This got us thinking about which or our senses most drive our work. On reflection, to our surprise, the “big 5” didn’t even make the list. 
Sense of wonder
Sense of humor
Sense of Responsibility
Sense of place
Sense of Security
Sense of Community
Sense of equilibrium
Sense of Purpose
Sense of Outrage
Sense of entitlement
Sense of shame
Sense of Motion
Sense of Horror
Common Sense

A sense of perpetual wonder – at the world we live in – is what makes us anxious to jump out of bed in the morning. Each day is an adventure that brings both good and bad, all of which pulls, pushes and transforms the work that gets filtered through our experience and perceptions of the of the world around us.
These experiences inevitably stimulate other senses which bubble to the surface of our work in many strange ways. Sometimes they manifest themselves as conscious statements, as when our sense of humor


or sense of outrage is triggered.


 Other times, we find ideas creeping into the work because of our sense of community or sense of place.

 We have a sense of responsibility to the people around us, coupled with a strong sense of purpose in what we are doing. This has in no small part contributed to a sense of equilibrium and a sense of security in ourselves, each other, and our work. 

 ** Blog Carnival is the random zeitgeist of  EtsyMetal, a loose cabal of international creative conspirators dedicated to overthrowing the global lack of imagination.