Sunday, July 5, 2015

The politically correct guide to artistic influence.

Welcome to another installment of Blog Carnival, where an International group of artists gangs up on a singular idea for your amusement and edification. This month we probe the depths of artistic influence.

Many of our creative compadres will muse about Nature and long walks on the beach, and all myriad other things that influence their art.  We, on the other hand, create in a vacuum. We are influenced by Nothing.

Thus, we never assimilate an idea from another artist, living or dead. We are wholly original and create totally new forms, concepts, colors and designs that have never been seen on planet earth before.

We are deaf, dumb and blind to history, other cultures and other avenues of artistic expression. We never employ any creative element or idea that is from another peoples or place. Even though we have traveled the world, we see nothing, retain nothing, employ nothing.

We are like sieves, our lives flowing freely through us, while we are aware of only the correct and appropriate experiences to our race, color, creed, religious and sexual preference. We fully respect that others of our race, color creed, religious and sexual experiences could have had similar experience before us, and thus have a prior claim on artistic influence. We have purged all memory of our lives from our art.

We don’t “borrow” from nature. After all, this is just another form of theft. We refuse to perpetuate the exploitation of nature for the arts. Nor do we unconsciously steal ideas from other forms of creative expression such as music, writing, vegan cooking or reality TV. Our art is honestly created from nothing.

We have undergone extensive formal training in the arts. Proudly, our many instructors and mentors have had absolutely no influence whatsoever on us. We have never explored any of their ideas or followed along any of the paths they have been on. Nor have we shared with others what was taught to us.

We take the high road and remain pure unto ourselves. We’re creators, not haters.