Monday, June 7, 2010

Gods and Mascots

The subject of “studio mascots” came up the other day. Specifically, what / who is your studio mascot(s) and does he/she/it inspire you? Watch you? Encourage you? Impede your work? We suspect the answer being looked for was something along the lines of “our cat HairBall, who’s cuteness inspires us to create things that benefit all mankind”. Well, things don’t quite work that way at 2Roses studio.

Walk into any artist’s studio and look around. Its always a mess, and embedded in that mess are usually all sorts of odd, intriguing, unsettling objects that beg for an explanation. These objects won’t be the projects or work the artist is working on. Rather, they are the population of totemic and symbolic objects that are imbued with great and small personal meaning for the artist. They are often scattered about the studio like small shrines and invariably have a story attached to them. We refer to these objects collectively as the “Studio Gods”. Here are just a very few of the Studio Gods at 2Roses. On a good day the Studio Gods are with us. On a bad day they demand sacrifices.

Godzilla Torch Lighter

Catbird House

Turtle Tom

Hoofy Doo

Uncle Bob

Shark Foot


  1. i knew you'd have fabulous gods in your studio, I expected this fabulousness from you :) hee hee.
    (your things almost done, really im not fibbing, this week I say, mwah!)

    Im a bit late but here is my June Mascot Blog Carnival article:

  2. This is totally what I thought your studio would look like too!! It's awesome!!!