Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Creative Process:
How we plan and organize for design.

Our Design Process isn’t really an organized plan but rather a collection of spontaneous moments. When we seize one of them, so to speak, we utilize two primary vehicles to get a concept ready for bench creation.

Our Extensive Library
Over the years, we’ve built an extensive, working library with volumes on technique, full color coffee table gaga, botanical editions, illustrated historical references, children’s books, travel destinations, tattoo designs, ancient armament, you name it. The library serves as a reference for detailed research and study. We’ve solved many technical problems and have received much inspiration after a browse through the library. Keeping it orderly is another matter. It's like the Enterprise being overrun with Tribbles. Our books must be breeding and having offspring.

Our Indispensable Sketch Books

We keep sketch books within easy reach at all times. When we say this we mean that we keep sketchbooks everywhere. Our ideas could be in the form of descriptive text, illustrations from a recent museum exhibit, ideas for a new one of a kind piece or a new line concept. We create this output whenever it strikes us – when’s it’s fresh in our minds.

Once we have some ideas that look good on paper, it’s off to the bench. Sometimes a construction paper model is made before any metal is cut and soldered. Sometimes we go for broke and just fabricate. What really helps us is to keep what Corliss calls a “fragment sample” of a completed piece. These are usually a step by step series of components illustrating how something is textured, formed, finished, joined, etc. We do so many things and work with so many materials that we need to have these reminders around to jog the creative


  1. oh my goodness, your library is amazing. One day I will have one that lovely.

  2. I agree, amazing library! Please tell me you have one of those ladders on wheels, I love those.